Lights and Edges

       Which is  certainly both a great percentage of art and our
personal experience of the world. Add color saturation and you have enough to keep you occupied visually and figuratively for years.

                  This is a blog about that. But mostly about the photography.

    I was telling someone the other day that I have this goal – To create photography pieces that inspire in a positive way, of course that’s a lifelong given- but additionally – to create photography pieces that make people uncomfortable. Because just maybe, if I make someone uncomfortable enough, they will get up and go make a difference today.

  In addition to but not altogether separate from this particular track is my love of picturing so many of the unique, quirky, complicated individuals I cross paths with. I love anything that’s not vanilla: lovers, rescuers, hippies, aspiring models and actors, people who want to get married in their DragonCon costumes, punk rockers, little kids.

     You all make this world colorful. You give it lights and edge. 

 You’ll see a lot of these adventures shared here. Thanks for visiting. =)


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