Just curious –  Do those weird sea anemone things at the bottom of this blog design creep anyone else out just a little bit?

  Anyway, hey welcome to autumn! Filled with constant colorful goodness. I thought I’d supply you guys a peek into the slew of photos that will be coming within the next two weeks:

TOMORROW:   This marks the beginning of   “Celebrate Halloween Like A Winner” Weekend.  No, none of us are dressing up as Charlie Sheen. I don’t think…  Tomorrow night we will be hitting up a masquerade party. My smuggled-under-the-costume-camera will come along and emerge for what I hope will be some very interesting shots. The next evening will be kicked off with our friends’  band playing, in their Halloween costumes no less. I predict epicness.

FROM LAST WEEK:    Frames within the frame. A little bit of my brief foray into experimenting with props for the first time (That sounded wrong…?) For example:


NEXT WEEKEND:   Tentatively planned Saturday morning is exploring and creating shots in historic Shockoe Bottom with a friend. Think cobblestones, crumbling buildings, metal girders from highway bridges, and the 17th Street Farmer’s Market!  This will also undoubtedly result in new hangout reviews for my other blog  BeautifulRichmond, which you can find here:    https://beautifulrichmond.wordpress.com/

               Stay tuned! It’s a beautiful season for showing some love to your city.


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