Oh Golly

      And here, my friends, we can see my great lack of keeping up with my own blog. Prepare for some imminent rapid-fire photo goodness.

  First up! A few of the picture-frame photos from a party photo-booth experiment a while back. Things I have noted:

    – Using picture frames is a fun concept which I will definitely use again.

    – However, next time I will completely change the background. I’m thinking now that I don’t necessarily need my own backdrop most of the time (If it is outdoors, that is). All I need to do is find a simple outdoor backdrop that isn’t too busy or distracting. For example, the backdrop used in these pictures was hung over a tall fence, and now looking back I think the fence may have looked much better as a background. Either way, I had some great people to photograph, so it’s all good. =)


   I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that I took these shots at my future-nephew’s first birthday party. Check out the extreme cuteness:


  That is all.


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