How I Met Your Father – The Episode Where He Proposes

6 Years ago, I began my junior year at college. That was the year the epic Megan-Kira-Angelica roommate dynamic was established. I had previously hung out briefly with both of them and thought they seemed cool, although I had no idea how incredible I’d find them to be in the following days, weeks, and months as co-habitants and kindred spirits.

I remember the day we moved in. It was a slightly hazy evening, the summer air still warm but tolerable, as we lugged all of our various dorm-related junk into the room.

Kira’s brother was one of the people helping her move in. My first thoughts about him as far as I can remember were “Wow, you can definitely see the family resemblance.” and “….he looks like he probably likes the band Everclear.”  To this day I have no idea why I thought that but it turned out to be true anyway so there you are.

I’m pretty sure that the next time I saw Keith was when a few of us attempted to go to a Singles’ Night at a local Walmart (That is correct.) and, upon finding it to be nonexistant or something, going out to dinner as our plan B.

I suppose if we’re considering an epic Long Game strategy, Singles Night was successful for us after all.

     For the next multiple years, Keith and I stayed in eachother’s periphery, making occasional guest appearances.  An ambitious trek to a Supertones concert. A journey to New York City where our little group spent New Years Eve in a very cold and extremely packed-to-the-gills Times Square with drunk but friendly Irish people. The college graduation party Kira and I shared. Kira and Adam’s wedding. Keith’s “welcome back from Iraq” party. And so on.

(Who are THESE sexy people?!  Grad party – 2007)

Life continued. Keith finished both of his army tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his bachelor’s at Virginia Tech. I became an NREMT-I and got 3 years of emergency medical experience under my belt. He moved to Richmond. I moved to Maryland and then ultimately to Richmond, mostly because I had visited Kira and Keith so much here and also found it to be sort of a Mecca for broke indie artists such as myself. Keith and I began a habit of embarking on epic road trips. We went to a weeklong indie/punk rock version of Woodstock waaay the heck up in Illinois (twice). We traveled waaay the other direction to Mississippi and helped rebuild houses that had been leveled by hurricane Katrina. We went to countless concerts, some local, some not. Keith and I became better friends, then good friends, then really good friends.

Then one day I turned around and realized that this brilliant, good-hearted, disheveled punk-rock viking had become my best friend in the whole world. Having come to a similar epic conclusion, Keith artfully obliterated the friend zone and stole my heart. The rest is history. And future. Lots and lots of future.

Deep in the mountains in a quiet, snow-buried town in West Virginia, Keith (after pulling out all the romantic stops) asked me to marry him.

In five months I will marry my best friend in the whole world. He was SO worth the wait. =)


2 thoughts on “How I Met Your Father – The Episode Where He Proposes

  1. Congratulations Angelica. I enjoyed reading your story; very sweet and eloquently written. Your ring is so lovely; unique just as you are. Hope you have fun planning your special day.

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