Sad Inanimate Objects

Song for today: “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

Happy 2012 to you all! I predict this being a fantastic year, provided that some ancient Mayan god doesn’t return this December to essentially kill us all.

 I choose to be optimistic.

This year you will find about 4 or 5 photo string themes interlaced with regular posts. A couple serious, a couple lighter-hearted, maybe one that’s a little bit wacky.

 This is one of the more serious ones. It is about inanimate objects who are sad.

Many of you might not be aware of the daily plight of odds and ends that have been left behind. They endure loneliness and rejection, one day hoping to be picked up, cherished, and made useful.

Or, y’know, recycled into something else actually useful.

This theme may or may not be partly influenced by Toy Story.

In a culture of rampant materialism, waste and excess, they just want to be loved.

(**If you are confused, please read the footnote at the end of this post. Don’t panic.)

So to kick off this photo-string theme “Sad Inanimate Objects”, I give you:

              “The Very Last Tootsie Pop”
(Which has been passed over for the past two months with no takers.)

so very lonely

Awareness is the first step.

(**Note: To anyone who has never met me, this isn’t an indication that I am finally “losing it”. I lost it a long time ago. I challenge you to read between the lines in this theme.)


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