The Next Chapter

     After a laughably LONG absence, I am actually back to this blog. OH my GOSH you are so excited, I just know it. My three loyal readers – I would never abandon you forever.

    Anywho, the past several months have been an LSD-trip-ish combination of wedding-planning, wedding-having, travel, and moving all of my earthly possessions. Believe it or not there was still plenty of photography going on, most notably in the form of a photographic documentaries class I was taking just for artistic interest. It was fabulous. (Of Note: Keith funded this photography class escapade as a present, because he is awesome.)

Here is a lit o’ bit of what we did. Our first section was a street photography project. Here are some examples of the results:

Street photography, while awesome because it portrays the candid beauty of everyday life, is also gratifying because it allows you to more-or-less be an artistic stalker.

Next project!  – Which ended up being my favorite, had to portray some of our own everyday lives, which resulted in these images as an example:

         And so on. =) 

  On a final and most important note – Hey we’re married!

 I really really like him. ❤
 (Thanks to Jaime for her artistic prowess ~ If you recall she also did our groovy engagement photos. =D)

                                    Team Gottberg FTW!  Good things are beginning.


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