In three weeks Keith and I will be embarking once again on a massive roadtrip to glorious middle-of-nowhere Illinois, to experience one of our favorite things – Cornerstone Festival. Think of weeklong camping in a huge community of fascinating artsy alternative people, in a setting that is sort of a Christian punk-rock version of Woodstock. You spend each day meandering around the festival and campsite, which is full of dusty roads, indie bands playing under tents that are everywhere, fascinating seminars on science and philosophy and religion and social consciousness, hands-on art workshops, and creative tattoos being sported all over the place. It’s also a week without a computer, which in the end has you all relaxed and zen and tempted to never use the internet again.

    This year for Cornerstone is extremely notable, because we have been informed that this will be its last. Due to the rough economy and despite the staff and supporters’ valiant efforts at keeping it afloat, they aren’t going to be able to keep pulling it off after this year, at this point for the forseeable future. 

    With that in mind, I’m bringing my gear this time to create a photo documentary of Cornerstone and its legacy, which, if not successfully pitched to a publication or two I have in mind, will most certainly be accessible through here. This idea has taken on an almost obsessive quality in my mind, and I can’t wait.







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