Well, we have returned from the final Cornerstone. As usual, it was phenomenal. It was also a week of camping in 100 degree humid weather. Keith and I are currently clawing our way back from what appears to be an epic “sun hangover”.  Our minds are fried and we are sporting a delightful roasted glow.  Other symptoms include all your bodily functions only just now switching over from “survival mode”, as well as every faint itch making you nearly wack out because you’re convinced there’s yet ANOTHER bug crawling on you.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve only ever experienced camping during what I like to call “Sizzling Defeat” summer temperatures (actually that’s probably totally it) but I’m of the impression that those of you who quote unquote LOVE camping are out of your minds.

Also, Sizzling Defeat would be a great name for a band. Or a bacon company.

Amongst all the other photos I also snapped a few shots of a band Keith interviewed. They are excellent and as soon as Keith has that post up it will be available through here as well.

So – off to editing! I will leave you with these:

On the way ~

Not to be confused with this –

Although I’m liking this theme.

Also, here is an epic crush of humanity (including Keith) carrying a viking longboat.

If that isn’t wicked exciting I don’t know WHAT is. Sidebar: We set the boat on FIRE.

Stay cool, my friends. No, really. Let’s not go outside ever again.


2 thoughts on “Editing….Recovering…etc.

  1. Not a happy camper, eh? Sorry to hear that it was as hot there as it was here! You are going to need a month just to cool off from that hot little camping trip!

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