Other Things That Have Been Happening

Besides taking a long time to edit Cornerstone pics. This involved buying a new battery charger (which happened today) in order to retrieve the rest of them in the first place. Boo-yah.

Here is the fantastical interview of Gamblers Die Broke, interview & writing skills by Keith Gottberg, photos by his foxy wife…*cough*.


In other news, I have been working on updating the photography wall prints I’m selling in a few places, including Etsy. Oh, world of Etsy, my love. Someday I will be popular and you will love me back. Heeey it’s just like highschool.

Actually, that’s not entirely fair. I get featured quite I bit on Etsy. It’s the business end of things that I am working on changing around somewhat. Fortunately I (mostly) enjoy this.

Tiny Tea Cups - Photographic Wall Art - Colorful Tea Party Coffee Photography Print

For your viewing pleasure, Secret Room on Etsy:

The other totally excellent plan for today is doing photography for a benefit concert tonight, headed up by one of my eternally awesome best friends Caity. Fighting for cleaner air, with our art and our votes. It’s going to be at Cary Street Cafe so if you live in the Richmond area swing on by!  I’ll be the one behind the camera, Keith will be the one mentally critiquing the bands, and Caity will be the one talking to everybody and being awesome. Here’s the flyer:


Come join!

Our kids deserve a future with less pollution.

Traffic Light - "Caught In Suspension" - Digital Art Photography Print - city stoplight blue sky high color fine art 8x8






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