The Episode Where I Know Nothing About Proper Blogging

Hello fan(s)! It occurred to me the other day that it’s a good thing I don’t blog for money. I’ve been told this is an actual real-world concept……somewhere. Something about affiliate marketing….? (I missed the rest because right around the words “marketing” and “personal branding” and “search engine optimization” my brain exploded from boredom.)

I used to have a blog, like, a regular blog – the kind where you share daily anecdotes/an embarrassing amount of emoting and personal information and PTSD experiences and inspiring song lyrics.

It was a great blog, really. I think of it fondly like a child now or something.

That sounded creepy. I think part of me is afraid that any blog I create now will pale in comparison to the awesome schizophrenia that was my previous blog.

Anyway!  In my month+ of absenteeism, what has been going on??!


I’m really into quantum physics right now.

And country music.

But not at the same time or anything. That would just be too much

I’m still an introvert who spends an awful lot of energy faking extroversion because I think people are great.

And I go on regular awesome adventures with the rugged Mr. Gottberg. We like to cruise slowly through affluent neighborhoods with the windows rolled down, playing loud gangsta rap (It’s an experiment about lowering property value. Don’t judge – we’re scientists!)

I interview dozens of people weekly about their neurological problems, and get free lunches!

Also, I’m still taking tons of photos and whatnot, but I’m realizing that if this blog is about photos and photos ONLY I tend to get all stressed out by not posting when I’m busy/tired/watching Netflix and enter this psychedelic shame spiral.

Good lord, the pressure of having to DELIVER. Fine, here are aaalll your photos! Have some!


The dog needs to get a job. Also, the softest couch-from-Big-Lots ever.

When I use a public restroom, I want it to be painted with eerie underground creatures. That’s not terrifying at all.

The hubby, focusing on writing during some of this previous 100+ death-weather.

They are called Mokas now.

Caity, making connections wherever she goes, opening minds one person at a time.


And finally, the very thing we’ve all been gushing about as it renews our hope in the world and makes it possible for us to exercise outside without dying in sweat-drenched miserable oblivion:





One thought on “The Episode Where I Know Nothing About Proper Blogging

  1. Ahh, that sweet dog….he looks crazy pampered and laid back. Can you believe I miss seeing him! What a great life! All he needs is a good book to read……

    Love your photos! (and Love you!)

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