Next I’ll Have Keith Wearing These Scarves

Because there’s nothing like upgrading your method of selling things by adding photography (It’s this new-fangled thing the kids are doing these days. Then they upload them on the…”internet”.). Naturally I get around to doing this right around the time that the people who I would ask to model them either live in another state or are currently in Philadelphia/Colorado/Portland (??) promoting justice. Which leaves me to model them at the moment.

Fortunately, I have my lucky bandanna. Everyone remain calm.

Outtake. I was going for “whimsical”….maybe.

For anyone wondering, it’s the scarf that’s for sale. Although technically I did a number on the shirt too. Oh the cleverness of me.

By the way, always mix light gray and red. It gives you an inexplicable bit of edge. I’m only half joking.






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