Sketches, Concepts

Here is just a fraction of what I do when I am “bored” and do not have any raw materials to keep my hands busy:

I’ve been drawing “concept art” type clothing design sketches for years. Once in a blue moon, at this point anyway, one or two of these designs come to fruition and are awesome, but mostly these designs and plans hide in way too many notebooks strewn about the apartment, random scraps of paper in my desk at work, cocktail napkins in my purse, etc.

One of my plans lately is to unearth a whole bunch of these, particularly the clothing and accessory designs, and spin some prototypes out of them. This is brought about by the recent birth of DustyFestival (shop and concept created earlier this year but I only began stocking it around the beginning of THIS month (damn I’m slow sometimes), resulting in a sale within 3 hours of listing the first five items…..ummm holy crap? Results!)

Autumn is really a completely awesome time of year to be starting this, and since this shop involves a mix of vintage stories and recycling through design, I stay intellectually invested. Which is important, because I get intellectually understimulated REALLY easily (and then socially OVERstimulated really easily. A prime example of both of these coming into play is evenings where I don’t want to go ANYWHERE because oh-my-gosh-sooo-many-people, and then spend an hour wanting to engage my husband in a conversation about quantum physics, particularly string theory.)

Nope, this isn’t some wacky sea creature, but actually a random overlay idea for a skirt.

So here we are, corralling my artsy/anthropological/schizophrenic sketch-musings like so many zany cattle. I find it heartening that it’s actually in his early 30’s that my older brother is hitting his creative stride in a business he enjoys (as in, background level design for video games, including work on the latest version of Call of Duty. – Is that code for “Cue the money trucks!”?)  Anywho, if that is any indication of how long it takes things to come together and start rolling, then I have roughly 3-4 years yet to fully get my act together. Or something like that. Here’s hoping.

I really wish I knew why I was so excited about quilt patches at the time…

This is my favorite: cute underwear (question mark?) on the same piece of paper as a gramaphone. I really need to start adding explanations when I jot down stuff like this.


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