Being 27 for the past 24 hours has been a win so far. This year feels like it will be pivotal somehow. I’ve become my favorite version of myself thus far, and teamed up with my best friend and partner-in-crime. Our visions, punk rock passion, disillusionment with the corporate establishment (hehe), freewheeling openness, and artistic leanings are building into things. I’m actually spending a good portion of my birthday weekend doing this:

…And then yelling to Keith about how half of these pieces “aren’t right. These colors are wrong! WHY did I think these colors were a good idea?! Augh!” And then I resume my work.

Turns out, in the past 3-4 weeks three things cropped up on the artistic horizon:

1. Our local free health clinic has a weekly women’s group, and they’re all stoked about having me head up a special holiday class about recycled clothing design projects.

2. Provided that all the application paperwork goes through okay, I’ll be setting up at the aRtVA art fair in December.

3. AND, I was asked by a board member of the YMCA to be one of the artists in their holiday art benefit………NEXT WEEK.

Which means I need to churn out about 20 to 30 wall art pieces that not only don’t suck by also sort of rock, within the next 7 days. While working a full-time job. And fighting that artist tendency to greatly underestimate our abilities.

::mild hyperventilation:: Okay okay. Nobody panic. We have plenty of caffeine.




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