Rocking the Vote

To be honest, these have been my two favorite campaign videos, which pretty much sum up how I’ve felt about this whole election, especially after dodging weeks of irritating campaign commercials which don’t…actually…change my mind, America. But good try.

*Disclaimer: Don’t bother watching the first clip if you’re a Romney supporter with no sense of humor. It’s satire. I really don’t care who you vote for. Use your own mind and do what’s best for your own conscience.

I really think the anarchist lady might have a chance…



Personally, I’m way more Libertarian and actually voting for Gary Johnson. ¬†::waves little Libertarian flag::

Have a good voting day guys. Take your right to vote seriously but not SO seriously that you’re ready to alienate every single person who doesn’t agree with you. Otherwise, what kind of country are we trying to build?


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