Friends with YMCA Benefits

Well, folks, last weekend (followed by yet another week of pandemonious ((may-not-be-a-real-word-don’t-care)) work exhaustion, which is why it took another full seven days for this update to surface), Keith and I got up at the ripe hour of 5AM on Saturday and trekked to Hampton, VA, at the request of kindly YMCA people who wanted my work to be part of their holiday art & craft benefit. We had a swell time, and although it wasn’t an overly lucrative day for several of us there (There was actually a holiday bazaar happening just down the road from us), it was an awesome opportunity to learn and practice and network with other awesome artists. Here are a few observations:

1. The YMCA is full of fantastic people. They are so quick to help you with absolutely anything.

2. You are not all alone & on your own in the art/crafting world. In fact, it’s very pro-networking and full of warm, supportive fellow artists who are all for sharing and collaborating. You just have to get over yourself and talk to people.

3. Art fairs are so much better when you have an awesome partner to keep you company and obtain much-needed sustenance and caffeine. Exhibit A:

The Magnificent Keith. Jazzed that we had free wifi.

And now, a smattering of colorful shots from our set-up.

Happy. Sleep deprived.

Having a moment with the coffee.

Copyright ©Secret Room Artwork 2012

Copyright © Secret Room Artwork 2012

If you’d like to check them out, these things can be found in my SecretRoomHomestyle Etsy shop:

Also featured, our two groovy closest neighbors at the art benefit:

Rhonda Rowland of Sole Amore Designs.

You can browse her shop on Etsy:

Kissy Duncan of A Kiss On the Wrist.

Check out her work here:


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