Chocolate, and Things I Find By the Side of the Road

Well friends, it’s the holiday season again. Out of curiosity today I actually did go out on Black Friday to see what a store or two looked like and if any of the deals were worth it. I got about as far as the craft store before I started to feel suffocated by the mass of humanity and decided to exit the premises.

So back at the ranch, the day was pseudo-productive due to a combination of making no-bake cookies and acquiring free furniture.

First off – Cookies! We actually called these Boiled Cookies growing up. They are magically delicious and crazy easy to make. Here is the recipe I used:

No-Bake/Boiled/Preacher Cookies

Once this is mixed up I also let it sit in the pot to cool the teeniest bit before putting onto the wax paper, and then once it’s on the the pan it goes straight into the fridge/freezer to get them to cool and harden faster.

Doesn’t look like much, but it smells like hopes and dreams.

It should look something like this. Honestly if it never hardens just eat the batter with a spoon and say it’s supposed to look like that. It’s all good.

Next! Walking the dog yields awesome find! A few people on our street have been moving out recently, and what with the pain in the neck of moving large objects ANYWHERE except across the room, they’ve gone through the usual stages of: 1. Listing items they can’t move on Craigslist in the hopes of getting some money for them.  2. Approaching moving day and lowering prices to either $5 or just straight giving away stuff to anyone walking by.  and then 3. Giving up completely, putting nice but inconvenient items by the side of the road, and then running away (That’s how I’VE done it once or twice in the past anyway..).  Turns out somebody on our block had gotten to Option 3, and left this:

The stand/shelf/wine storage thingie. In perfect condition. Did I mention it was free. Keith also got to score extra man points by carrying it home single-handedly while I watched the dog and skipped around with glee.

We can store wine in a rack now, just like real-life wine owners!

Finally!: I created a make-shift wine glass holder. We are bangin’ on all cylinders now.

Gathering the wood, like olden times.

Success! Sort of. Just pretend all those erratic nails aren’t there. You wouldn’t believe how much profanity went into the installation of this contraption.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate, and Things I Find By the Side of the Road

  1. Those cookies are the best! I love them. But where does the “preacher” part come in???

    Nice find! Good price. Exactly who was in charge of those nails?!!!

  2. It’s a regional thing. You call them Boiled Cookies. We always called them no-bake cookies in West Virginia. In the south they call them “Preacher Cookies” but I don’t know where the term originiates.

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