Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

No, really!

I call this experiment from the other night – “Low Income Chicken”……heh. Anywho, the total cost of raw materials to create this pan-fried chicken strip feast for two hungry adults is (guesstimating) under $7.

This is from a little game I like to play called “We get paid next week so we must use whatever is left in the kitchen!” =D

And it often turns out awesome. Here are the deets:


1 pack of uncooked chicken strips ($4-$6)
1 egg
A handful of flour
A handful of saltine crackas
A couple shakes of salt/seasoned salt/Cajun seasoning/whatever moves you
Olive oil (I recommend owning a bottle of olive oil at all times in life.)





Start heating a decent amount of olive oil in a large pan on the stove. Aim for a pan with higher sides so as to keep from sloshing oil when moving chicken around and risk setting yourself on fire. (*Setting oneself on fire reduces the joy of cooking.)

Break the egg into a bowl. Put flour on a separate plate with your desired salt and seasonings mixed in. Put crackers in a plastic baggie and crush ’em up! Then you can put those on the other side of the plate with flour (See: Less dishes to wash, woohoo!)

Dip raw chicken pieces in the egg, them roll them in the flour and cracker pieces. Cook them in the pan of oil, turning fairly often, until they are cooked through and turn golden and completely awesome.


These.....were SO good.

These…..were SO good.

And made from 6-7 normal identifiable ingredients, compared to all the weird stuff that can be found in fast food.



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