Little Gifts


Merry Christmas Eve folks!  The last few days, involving a flurry of gift preparation, travel, and family time, have also gotten me contemplating the vast cloud of gifts God offers us daily and the freedom we have to recognize and accept them. This is primarily due to a wonderful gift (go figure) I received from my dear friend Suzi, a book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. All of her writing in this book is intensely poetic but in a very grippingly down to earth way you can fully relate to, and deals in the nature of learning to speak a language of radical gratitude and be changed by it.

Anywho I’m really only about three chapters in at this point and already struck by it, and while apparently throughout the book she is in the process of creating a list of one thousand things she loves, one thousand blessings of whatever size, I felt like beginning to compile my own list. Here’s a cross-section of the beginnings of it:

– husband’s warm, loud, whole-hearted laughter
– burying your face in a soft, fresh towel
– a doggie pawing at you for attention with big eyes and cocked ears
– drinks and stories shared between friends over a fire
– string lights glowing diamond white against pine and homemade ornaments
– going through the doorway from cold winter outside to warm home inside
– surviving the Mayan “apocalypse” (that was a close one)
– sitting around a lit tree with parents and our own children, creating generations and traditions
– smart old books at my parents house, jam-packed into bookcases my grandfather built so many years ago, reminding me that I come from generations of people who care about learning, and about putting your hands to work creating something.
– warm husband’s tousled hair on the pillow while he sleeps
– big purse-bags to stuff your life into
– growing equal parts vulnerability and wholeness alongside friends

Just a handful, with so much in it.

Factual and lovely. =)  Penned by Sarah Fargo.

Factual and lovely. =) Penned by Sarah Fargo.


One thought on “Little Gifts

  1. Amazing!!! So glad it’s hitting you the way I hoped it it did me and all my sisters. Love your entries, and noted how simple they are. I find that my list also consists of mostly very pure and simple things. Can’t wait to talk with you about it all!

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