Honorable Mentions


So, there are quite a few things to update about from these past couple of weeks. Some progress got waylaid by things such as attending a family funeral in Ohio and going on an epic trip to the mountains. The rest is me having the attention span of a moth and, whilst having post ideas drawn up, taking long to actually get then up on here.

More updateage will appear within the next few days, but until then, today is a mentioning of a couple new things happening, and the appreciation of some creative friends.

Firstly, I am currently somewhat drunk on the excitement of seeing my work on actual clothing, due to Skreened.com.

For example:


You can link to what I have up so far right here:   Dusty Festival at Skreened.com

In other news, this upcoming March I am doubly excited to be the wedding photographer for my sweet highschool friend Rachel Ruppert. Ever since being through the whole getting-married process myself I have become even more in love with weddings and all the beautiful emotions, devotion and magical details they are born of.  Congratulations Rachel & Daniel!

Other shout-outs:

My lovely friend Jaime Patterson who photographed our engagement and wedding pictures is still rocking out behind the camera, and currently also includes boudoir/glamour photography, either for yourself or your special guy. =) Here’s her latest update on Facebook today as well as a link to her beautiful snazzy website:

Jaime: “Ladies and the folks that love them ;)! I have 3 spaces available for boudoir/glamour sessions February 9th or 10th. these sessions include a free 6×6 album and it’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s! Shoot me a message either here or over at jaime@hiddenexposurephotography.com!”

Jaime’s portfolio & photography offerings at Hidden Exposure Photography


Captured by Jaime Patterson

Captured by Jaime Patterson

Also, Andrew Clark, one of my friends from college who is a very creative fiction writer just officially released his first E-book, a novella entitled “The Masque”. You can check it out on Amazon and read it through your Kindle or through the free Kindle app on pretty much any other device (for example, I’ve been reading it on my normal laptop by way of the Kindle app). Check it out here:



Finally, my groovy husband has more up on his latest blog:

A Writer’s Room of Requirement

I’m rather partial to the post about Harry Potter and Myers-Briggs typology, but there is also fun stuff about football and Zombie escape plans (Of course upon reading this one I was like “Why are you telling them our special plan??!”  In conclusion, we are such nerds.)

Broaden your horizons this weekend and check out these creatives!


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