How to Make Delicious Homemade Bread

I’ve spent several years dreaming of being able to someday bake homemade bread that is anywhere close to how good my grandmother’s is. Happening upon this particular recipe a year or so ago, I was able to come closer than I ever have before.

It’s not grandma’s, but it’s very good. And really simple. And it involves just a handful of ingredients which are healthy and recognizable.

Here is the link for the basic bread:      Homemade Bread Recipe

My version –


Also note: In the background is an experiment I tried. This is garlic, onion & cheese bread. It’s the same recipe, except after I let the dough rise the first time I split it into two pieces (to make two medium loaves). I sauteed a handful of onions and some minced garlic in a teeny bit of olive oil in a pan. Then I mixed this into one of the pieces of dough along with about a cup-full of grated cheddar cheese. After mixing/folding all this into the dough evenly, I left both pieces of dough to rise to about double their size again (about 30-45 minutes), and then used the baking time from the recipe.

*Note: When my bread is about 5 minutes from being totally done baking, I take it out quickly and swipe some melted butter on top, sprinkle on some garlic salt, then put it back in the oven for the remaining minutes. This gives it a hint of garlic-bread flavor on the outer crust which is AWESOME. Results! – One plain bread and one garlic/onion/cheese bread:


Totally worth it. Really good with butter. These particular loaves were also more healthy seeing as how I snuck in whole wheat flour for about half of the flour required. Good stuff.

Once you make these do yourself a favor and try keeping them wrapped in plastic wrap and then tinfoil so that they don’t dry out and harden crazy fast.

This is a great activity for the middle of a cold, cold season. Make some coffee or hot chocolate, get your hands moving kneading some dough, and warm up your home with old-school oven skills and the delicious smell of homemade bread baking! =)


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