Watch YouTube, Give Yourself Awesome Haircut

How’s this for a random DIY?

But seriously, have you BEEN on YouTube recently?

You can look up and learn everything you can think of to DIY except maybe cold fusion (Hey I wouldn’t give away that secret either.)

See what happened was ~  several years back I decided to give myself a haircut, figuring I could just “wing it” and everything would be cool. The results were disastrous. So I just wore my hair up for a while until it passed and played it off as if having my hair up all the time was something I was “really into” during that time. Whatever.

Roughly five years later, I found myself wearing my hair up almost all the time again, this time not because I had destroyed it, but because it’d been maybe 5 months since I’d gotten any sort of haircut/trim and “didn’t feel like” (couldn’t)  drop $30-45 on getting my hair done at the time.

So since we handcraft almost everything else from the ground up over here, I turned to the internetz.

I’ll share the two specific videos I ended up finding the most helpful for the look I was going for. I ended up sort of creating a hybrid plan from what I learned from these videos (everything from how far out to hold sections of hair to what angle to hold the scissors at to soften layers or create texture)  and then proceeded to, without much effort, give myself the best haircut I’ve had in the past 2-3 years.

holy mac.


There's body, layers, the bangs are perfect. How did this Happen?!

There’s body, layers, the bangs are perfect. How did this Happen?!

It’s lookin’  a-like I’m going to be doing this a lot more in the future. Apparently right now I am my own best hairstylist. I’m giving myself a raise!

Seriously though, if you decide to do this, good for you. No fear, right? Hair grows back eventually. Just get an idea of what you want (layers, blunt cut, side-swept bangs, whatever) and cruise through videos till you find some that suit you and then just go for it.

The videos I found most useful:



I’ll have you know that my next plan is to try this henna-based all natural hair dye which creates a deep wine-red color, and then creating more of a punk/emo hairstyle with more texture and interesting fringe instead of blunt bangs. Don’t worry, I already found the YouTube video.

Happy hairstyling!


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