Painted Twigs ~ Yearning for Spring

Every year at about this point I find myself on the edge of wacking out if the weather doesn’t stop being freezing and gray in the VERY near future. Usually as a sanity-maintaining measure I paint a lot of inanimate objects with reckless abandon and/or change my hair color to something like a glowy red.

There just NEEDS to be some color and warmth, man.

So while I will be trying out a hopefully awesome vivid deep wine red hair color at the beginning of April (first time testing an all natural henna-based hair dye mix that got great reviews – – and from Etsy, of course.), the first step of my non-wacking-out self therapy is in motion. Behold, an insanely simple and cheap apartment brightener – – Painted twigs!

This is especially easy about two to three days after a thunderstorm. The sidewalks are littered with tons of viable twigs knocked down by the rain, which have also had the chance to dry by now. Just pick out your favorites:



Pick out a zany mix of bright paint colors you have on hand:


Paint each twig from roughly halfway up and wrangle together in some sort of larger-mouthed vase or jar.

I know everyone on Pinterest knows already, but mason jars are always a great decorating idea.

Kapow!  Color.  Staving off insanity for one more day.



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