Resting, Sabbath-ing

I have a tendency to, whenever I have a free chunk of time, think to myself ~  “I have free time so I should think(see: “obsess”) about and work on several random things! After that I’ll use the rest of my *free* time to relax/rest/stop feeling manic/dwell on God’s sovereignty and provision/etc.”

Etc. etc. etc…….

It pretty much never results in actual resting.

I’m realizing so much recently that if you don’t set aside a specific time to slow down, stop being a constant doer of things, breathe in the natural rhythms of life that surround us in the slower moments and thank God for them, it will rarely happen. There will always be more things-to-do, every single day.

So I am making an effort to work hard at things that have been entrusted to my care and stewardship but at the same time not letting them run my life to the point of locking me in a persistent holding pattern devoid of truly peaceful moments.

Soooo….right now one of the ways I am doing this is by making Sunday an actual day of rest, instead of  “The day we go to church but that’s otherwise the same as most days”.

Today’s experiment with this involves: no cleaning, no cooking (if avoidable, or at least no elaborate cooking), no washing dishes, no working on shop artwork/designs or additional orders, no attempts at organizing. Basically most of the things I am often almost painfully aware of “needing” to do, and tend to use the whole weekend to catch up on.

I am already a bit twitchy thinking about this. It helps to have such a laid-back husband who wholeheartedly supports not working at anything today in the spirit of Sabbath rest.

Ok, so what am I doing instead? Well, still drinking coffee, that’s for sure. But also reading through this entire informational page about George Mueller, whose life and spirituality I’ve always found extremely encouraging in my own life. Check him out:

George Mueller’s Strategy for Showing God

I’m also going to go for a good walk with the husband in a bit here, and until then am happily overdosing on crafting and home decorating ideas via CraftGawker, Pinterest, and A Beautiful Mess.

And of course, as always, I already have cooking, work, and art plans for tomorrow. Most notably:

Banana Bread – with This Recipe

Homemade honey nut granola via this post:  Recipe

Getting more wash on the line:

Man people seems to use a lot of bandannas around here...

Man people seems to use a lot of bandannas around here…

Listing new items:




And beginning various paint experiments on recycled wine bottles. =D

I hope you have sunshine wherever you are right now, but regardless ~ take some time to rest.


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