Sharing Thursday: Monograms and Kitchen Printables

Happy Thursday, folks! After the happening of multiple random events, I am back to add some wonderful things. Tomorrow I’ll share a few pictures from the photographing of Rachel & Daniel Payne’s lovely sweet wedding! Today I have just a few of the random free printables I have recently stumbled across and absolutely love/am printing either currently or will be tomorrow.

Monogrammy and kitchen-y things. Oh yeah.

First, this cute monogram print from For Chic’s Sake that you save to your computer, then open up in Adobe Reader and customize and print with whatever initials you like.


Next! Really cute free frame-able kitchen prints from Over the Big Moon:


And finally, a whole ton of cute label styles for your kitchen pantry goods, courtesy of Just Something I Made (There are maybe 4 or 5 different styles available here. Very cool.):


Enjoy! And stay tuned for a wedding post. =D


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