Urban Gardening – Part Two


Just to show you how much of a learning curve this is. =D

All of the planted things seem to be growing awesomely. It did however occur to me this week that I really should be writing down when exactly I am supposed to be harvesting each particular vegetable/fruit/herb. Because, y’know, vegetables are eventually harvested (Who knew??). And I was reading from a random and deliciously old-school gardening book this week that there are better times than others to harvest some vegetables, so that they taste better and don’t go more  bitter, etc. Again, I feel like I should have known this. But we haven’t hit this mark yet so all is still in the clear! And I am making my little list of when to gather the edibles.

The other thing dawning on me now which I will do differently next year is sow the seeds of certain things over the course of three or maybe even four weekends. This time I planted everything at once the day after the last frost here in Richmond, so let’s say that if I have a ton of lettuce growing now, it should all be maturing around the exact same time. So instead of things being more staggered (some lettuce this week, some lettuce next week, etc.), halfway through summer we will suddenly be exploding with lettuce. Or onions. Or peppers.


***Consider when you should harvest your vegetables.

***Stagger your initial planting so that you’ll have staggered results too.

Not that I am complaining or anything but I’m also not a wholesale farmer so I will have to rethink this next year.

Until then – super garden!:


Greenery just goin' nuts.

Greenery just goin’ nuts.


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