Old Card Table Updated & Refreshed

Good day to you, folks. Soo, this insanely quick project I did today turned out much cuter than I expected so here it is:

~~ The Half-Hour Card Table Redo ~~

We’ve had a card table for a while which I’ve claimed as my “work table” for the mountain of projects I tend to have going on. It’s old, part of it is ripped, yada yada. I really like it and wanted to spruce it up a bit.

Behold, Target, in its $1 section you see right when you walk into the store, usually has several small tubes of wrapping paper. Some of it is pretty meh, but I happened upon this interesting print and loved it right away. One dollar later I was taking it home. It was going to be used to create interesting bookshelf background (And the rest still might be used for that.), but the card table was calling to me today.

The only other things used were:

Spray adhesive/Photo mount (Less annoying air bubbles you have to smooth out, although this adhesive is the dickens to get off your hands.)
Spray varnish/sealer (I didn’t want a ton of this, just a touch of the semi-gloss version for some basic durability.)

I had to cut two same-length sheets of the paper and then just matched them up to make the whole pattern complete. I also found it easier to just spray the table with the adhesive instead of trying to keep the unwieldy paper in one place to spray it. Spray table – Put paper down slowly and carefully and adjust as needed – Smooth out any air bubbles – And do a bit of the adhesive around the edge/lip of the table and curl about 1/4 inch of paper around it.






Done and almost fully dried in 30 minutes. This is super easy, guys.  I’m toying with the idea of eventually spray-painting the legs and frame something like an aqua blue.

Enjoy! Get your crafting on!


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