Clip Boards to Display Art – Colorful Budget Decorating

Well folks, it’s been a balmy 24 (F) degrees out today, so after getting shopwork done I figured it would behoove everyone involved to just stay indoors.

Since I am now chipping away at the last few weeks of pregnancy (36 weeks now, holy crap), I’m having more of those waves of “intense nesting mode”, which in my case for some reason often means painting something.

So here is a fantastic little project I did in about 45 minutes today (that includes drying time). I’ve been seeing the clipboards-to-display-art idea floating around Pinterest and felt like putting my own spin on it. This is so simple and the results are very satisfying. Here we go!

Painted Clipboards for Wall Art

Total cost: $3, since I got the clipboards at the dollar store and already had some paint and painter’s tape on hand. This is a very budget-friendly project.

Step One:    Put painter’s tape on your board at various random angles. Press down firmly on all of the tape touching your board so no paint “bleeds” under it and messes up the clean lines. Your paint color will be anywhere the tape isn’t covering.

Step Two: Use a paintbrush or little foam roller brush (if you want a smoother texture) and whatever paint you’ve chosen and paint between and slightly over the edges of the painter’s tape. I used a regular large paintbrush because I didn’t mind if it looked a little imperfect with the painting strokes.

Step Three:   Remove painter’s tape before the paint dries so that none of the paint rips up or does awkward things. Allow your boards to finish drying. They might look something like this:


Step Four:  Hang on wall and enjoy. =D

Yes, we have a lava lamp. It is awesome.

Yes, we have a lava lamp. It is awesome.

Happy Crafting and stay warm!


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