The Newborn Chronicles


“She’s a rebel, she’s a saint
                   She’s the salt of the earth and she’s dangerous
                She’s a rebel, vigilante
                    Missing link on the brink of destruction.”


A few years ago, when Keith and I were dating and not even quite engaged yet, I used to have these dreams about us living in a post-apocalyptic world. Of course, I mostly attribute this to us both being into fictional content of that nature. And at this point I hope the world doesn’t quite come to that sort of insanity in our lifetime. But I used to get a kick out of these dreams because I was always being referred to as “Lieutenant Gottberg”, kinda funny seeing as how we’d only recently started dating.

And in all the dreams we had a daughter, a fair-haired spunky little thing, maybe about five or six years old.

These memories came back to me full-force a little over a week ago, as I was looking down at our newborn baby girl, who made her entrance just a little over a month ago. A vigorous, expressive baby who tried for 6 hours to stubbornly come out at just not quite the right angle, but never ever was in any distress, and in fact would kick and wiggle around between nearly all of the contractions. Who in-utero would keep me awake in the middle of night with her stretching and shuffling around, to the point that when my water finally broke with ridiculous force I was momentarily convinced that she’d finally head-butted her way out without the help of actual labor.

Anywho, enough TMI.

Meet Athena Grace.







Named in the hopes that in her generation she would have both wisdom and grace.

A few tidbits of info about the Greek goddess Athena:

– She’s the goddess of wisdom, courage, strategic warfare, justice, architecture & crafts, divine intelligence, and skill.

Athena is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavour.”

“She represents intelligence, humility, consciousness, cosmic knowledge, creativity, education, enlightenment, the arts, eloquence and power. She stands for Truth, Justice, and Moral values. She plays a tough, clever and independent role.”

“Though Athena is a goddess of war strategy, she disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to settle predicaments. The goddess only encouraged fighting for a reasonable cause or to resolve conflict. She emphasises everyone to use intuitive wisdom rather than anger or violence.”

“……Eventually Zeus experienced an enormous headache; Hephaestus cleaved Zeus’s head with the double-headed Minoan axe, the labrys. Athena leaped from Zeus’s head, fully grown and armed, with a shout— ‘and pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war’.”




So here she is……..our tough, cosmic-knowledge baby of heroic endeavour. =)

Sometimes I think I helped dream her into being.




One thought on “The Newborn Chronicles

  1. What a treat to see this collection of photos of my sweet baby grandchild – my first! She carries a strong name with many attributes to inform her personality. I can still recall drawing a picture of Athena in the sixth grade because I thought she was so very beautiful and strong and good – the goddess of wisdom. How incredible that my first grandchild carries this powerful name!

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