Travel Art Giveaway – We hit 100!

Good Afternoon and Happy Mother’s Day, folks!  As mentioned on Facebook previously, I was planning on having a giveaway once my shop on Etsy hit 100 sales. It’s now blown past that number (woohoo! Thank yooooou wedding/anniversary season.), so here we go!

The Official Answers to Your Questions:

What can I win?:

One of these three designs, with the maps and text customized just for you. =)






How do I enter?:

 All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me about the best place you’ve ever traveled to and why.

How do I win?:

The names of everyone commenting will be put in a hat and three winners will be chosen at random by my newborn who has just learned how to start grabbing at things.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

How/When will I know?:

Next Sunday (so, the 18th) I will post the three winners and their submissions on another post here. The post will also be shared on Facebook. If you leave a comment and did not find this post via Facebook, please leave me an email address with your comment (This won’t be reshared with your comment if it wins.) so I can contact you.

How long until I get the artwork?

My average processing time is 1-2 weeks for all customized orders, then 2-3 day shipping. If for any reason it might take a day or two longer I will let you know, but generally it all runs well within that timeframe. For this particular giveaway, though, I don’t recommend choosing it as a last-minute anniversary gift. As in, please give yourself about 2 weeks to receive this and not stress yourself/me out. =)  It’s wedding/anniversary season right now so things are starting to bustle!

Each of the three winners picked can choose any one of these three designs, and then specify via message what maps and text they would like and where to ship it to.


So there it is, guys. Happy Mother’s Day, and happy commenting! =)







7 thoughts on “Travel Art Giveaway – We hit 100!

  1. I have loved them since I first saw them, foxy mama! 😉 It’s a close tie between Italy and Albuquerque, NM but I’ll pick Albq since that’s where my hubby proposed to me floating in a hot air balloon. And of course I now have a thing for hot air balloons lol. It was an awesome weekend all together!

    Pick me little A!!!

  2. The Outer Banks! I’ve always loved going there each summer growing up, and Jeff and I are talking about honeymooning there potentially. The swimmer in me always loves being around water, and nothing’s better than a sea breeze. Being there just really has always been calming and restful for me.

    • Baby girl, I don’t expect any special treatment because I am your Grandfather but I am very lucky so I will start looking at the designs right away.

      I can’t tell you about the most interesting place which I have visited because it is still classified so I will tell you about the second most interesting.

      During the 1970s I traveled to the Soviet Union on diplomatic missions for the Smithsonian Institution. This was in conjunction with the establishment of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. We wanted to obtain Soviet air and space craft for the museum. You can see a Soviet Soyus Spacecraft and ICBM there now. and other Soviet aircraft at the other facilities .

      As a sideline to this effort I was asked to seek authentication for a piece of Faberge art which had recently come to market. I contacted the world’s expert in the subject who was a very old woman and a curator at the Order of Lenin State Historical Museum on Red Square . She was quite excited at seeing a previously unknown Faberge piece and so invited me to come to the museum during my next trip. She had been chosen as a much younger woman to select the best pieces of Faberge art from all of that confiscated by the Soviet government when they took over the country from the Czar. The best peces were kept by the government and lesser pieces were sold in international markets to raise foreign hard currency for the bankrupt government.

      I had planned to take the item to show there and had import and export documents from the Soviet government for the item. I was advised by the U.S, State Department NOT to take the item there. Their advice was that another Soviet department would confiscate the item even with the documents and that it would never be allowed to leave the Soviet Union. Consequently, I took only fine photgraphs of the item.

      Short version of the story; part of my visit to the museum included a visit to the central treasury of the museum. The curator told me that only one other Westerner had ever been allowed there and that this was the President of Occidental Petroleum, Armand Hammer , who had donated millions of dollars worth of fine art to Soviet Museums from his collection. He was also the first Capitalist who was allowed to do business in the Soviet Union during their “New Economic Policy” program of the 1920s and was a major force in growing the Soviet economy for decades. That was quite an honor for me.

      The details of the treasury would be too much for this purpose and so I will mention just a few; life sized gold statues of religious figures from the Russian Orthodox church collection , royal mint pattern coins in Platinum going back centuries and my favorite single item a pen made of gold with 4 clocks set in the handle to tell the time in four of the Russian time zones. The pen was about 6 inch long and the 4 sided finial of the handle was no more than 3/8 inch on a side. Each side had a clock face of a diameter less than 3/8 inches. It was made for one of the Czars in the 16th or 17th centuries and the clocks still worked ! I was allowed to hold that. It was surprisingly light and amazing workmanship for such a time period or even today.

      I suppose that my sweet treatment was based upon their hope that I would bring the item there at some time if they were friendly enough. That didn’t happen.

      Interesting trip. Oh, yes !

  3. I believe one of the best places I’ve ever travelled to is South Korea. I got to go on a 2 week trip there, several years ago with a church I was attending at the time. It was a very special and meaningful trip to me, as I was born and adopted from there. That was the first time I ever got to see my homeland, and I even got to see the city where I was born. It was a very moving trip.

  4. I think the best place I have traveled to was China. We went for a missions trip and it was my first international travel experience. It was rough in a lot of ways being someone who stood out so much in such a homogeneous country and there were some things that happened that were mortifying, but I realised through that how strong I am as a result. Also seeing the country and experiencing life through the eyes of the students at the college we were at was fantastic.

  5. It’s a tie between Belize, Niagara Falls & the Grand Canyon. We went to Belize for our 5 year anniversary & had a wonderful time with a local cab driver seeing the sites. We’ve had 2 great family vacations to the Grand Canyon & Niagara Falls; two of the most amazing, beautiful places.

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