Best. Place. Ever. aka Giveaway Winners!

Hello again folks!  Now that the fussy nugget has finally fallen asleep for her long stretch (…or HAS she? Oh the suspense!), I am happy to report to you the three winners of the giveaway and their groovy answers to *Best. Place. Ever.*

And they are….**drumroll, please**

Julie Gaines:

The Outer Banks! I’ve always loved going there each summer growing up, and Jeff and I are talking about honeymooning there potentially. The swimmer in me always loves being around water, and nothing’s better than a sea breeze. Being there just really has always been calming and restful for me.”

Georgi Krueger:

“I believe one of the best places I’ve ever travelled to is South Korea. I got to go on a 2 week trip there, several years ago with a church I was attending at the time. It was a very special and meaningful trip to me, as I was born and adopted from there. That was the first time I ever got to see my homeland, and I even got to see the city where I was born. It was a very moving trip.”

Opal Corell:

“It’s a tie between Belize, Niagara Falls & the Grand Canyon. We went to Belize for our 5 year anniversary & had a wonderful time with a local cab driver seeing the sites. We’ve had 2 great family vacations to the Grand Canyon & Niagara Falls; two of the most amazing, beautiful places.”


Way to go, gals! I’ll be contacting you momentarily with some details.

Thank you everybody who contributed! I love the stories you have. It’s one of the big things I love about my work. Each person’s soul is a vault of locations and their rich emotion and sensory memories. That room she was born in. The couch where he leaned in and first kissed you. The dusty road to that festival where you felt free and alive. We carry them with us.


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