About Us

And when I say “us” I mean Keith and I, seeing as how we sort of count as a unit due to the whole marriage thing.

Welcome! I’m Angelica Gottberg, a late 20-something indie mixed-media artist (cliche? Maybe! If by cliche you mean awesome.) , and wearer of many random hats over the past few years. Some of these hats have included:

~ homeschooled student followed by Liberty University grad (Go ahead and make your jokes. I was the friendly fringe-ish student who mostly flew under the radar. I only got busted for dressing too “counter-culture” like that ONE time. Sheesh.)

~ Emergency Medical Technician/Emergency Services Technical Specialist  (the most hardcore thing I’ve done at this point)

~ photographer

~ freelance mixed media artist

~ small business owner

~ On-site domestic strategist & engineer at the Casa de Gottberg. (The benefits are outstanding and I can decorate my work space however I want! As well as all the rest of the location! It’s good to be queen.)

I live in the awesome heart of downtown Richmond, Virginia, with my good-hearted punk-rock borderline-anarchist husband and our dog Zena (warrior princess).

My dream for this zany blog involves inspiring any random people to take beautifying their living space into their own hands, and to dive into that delicious and sometimes frustrating experience of transforming your house/apartment/houseboat into a home, whether that be through DIY projects (budget-friendly. woohoo!), cooking like a champ, changing and growing yourself, or simply soaking in the awesomeness that is sharing and being in community with other people.

Thanks for reading! And for being weird and being you. Keep those things. =)

Also, we fight zombies sometimes.

Also, we fight zombies sometimes.


And go on roadtrip adventures

And go on roadtrip adventures


And....I have no idea.

And….I have no idea.


But here is a cute dog.

But here is a cute dog.

SecretRoomArtwork © 2011

SecretRoomArtwork © 2011


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